Tamrell  -  Singer
"I am humbled every night having the chance to uplift the audience through music. I'm grateful for being paid to practice and perfect my craft. I love the atmosphere and lifestyle el-live provides for me! Thank you!"
Jay  -  Drummer
"I couldn't ask for more as a musician. Being able to play my instrument everyday with great musicians around me, meeting people, making friends and having amazing times in the most amazing cities in the world! It doesn't get much better than this." 
Julianne  -  Singer
"Time management was the biggest obstacle to overcome for me. el-live is so organized that you just have to be... there is no other choice. If you are not organized you will learn to be and love it. That you can take with you through life and use it always."
David  -  Band Leader
"I have learned so much from being on the road as a musician. We've covered everything from time management to stage presence. There is no way you will not grow as a musician playing 6 nights a week."

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