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el-live Productions is presently auditioning musicians between the age of 19 and 39 with a minimum of 2 years on-stage experience. If you’re a truly serious instrumentalist (some singing skills would also be a great asset) this is for you.

We hire musicians who are passionate about performing live and experimenting with different genres of music ranging from cool jazz tunes, funky hip-hop to head-banging rock all within one set, all in one night! So our musicians must keep an open mind, possess great technique and be able to master multiple styles of performance.

Aside from being great performers, we’re looking for individuals who take great pride in their craft but who must also look the part on and off stage. You must have great style, exude class and charisma. Talent and great appearance are essential – you must possess that “it” factor.

El-live Productions bands are extremely committed to creating a reputation of being the hottest group in the #1 hotels and night clubs of the most exciting cities all over Asia. This isn’t your average lounge gig: on a nightly basis, you will be performing for clubs filled with people who are eager to meet you and to see you perform. Not only are we looking for talented musicians, but true performers. You must possess the magic that it takes to be “the life of the party” on and off stage and along with your new band-mates, to keep your club “the place to be” no matter where you are. Our musicians must be able to take the stage and captivate a room full of people. So whether you’re playing your instrument, singing, dancing, and/or addressing your audience, you must be able to truly entertain a large crowd of people.

We’ve got full time jobs for musicians and for bands who’ve been active in job searching through classified ads and who keep coming up empty-handed. Full time jobs in music for musicians or for bands don’t come around that often but at el-live, we put an end to your typical job search for work in music..

Do you have what it takes? el-live Productions can and will enable you to finally expand your career in music, to be the very best you can be and to take your performance “to the next level”. We are actively seeking musicians who are “the full package” to join us and to become a part of the best bands nightlife overseas has to offer. el-live Productions has the dream-job for musicians and bands so you can stop searching now… you’re home.

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