el-live’s Oxygen band featured on Bangkok’s Rad Radio, part of Bectero Radio Company

Rad Radio is among the largest radio stations in Bangkok, Thailand. The station broadcasts international live music, catered to the nightlife crowd, as well as listings for the biggest entertainment events in town. Oxygen group performs at Spasso Bar, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok.


el-live’s Maximum band receives the prestige Editor’s Choice – Best House Band

Seven-piece band Maximum receives recognition for their unique performances.


el-live’s Maximum band featured in magazine spread

Seven-piece band Maximum in an exclusive spread.

Maximum on magazine

Sherman Jones inspires children with his experience at el-live Productions

“He now travels the world, touring extensively as a drummer and a band leader. “Music teaches children to understand a language that is universal. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries, and music is the one thread that ties them all together,” added Jones. Mr. Jones is a graduate of NY Collective School of Music in NYC, where he majored in performing arts. He currently performs with his band, Oxygen, across Asia.”

Sherman Jones with school children

el-live Productions band featured in local newspaper, Guangzhou, China

“Adding a couple of notches to the hotness ladder is their sexy, seven-piece live band from Canada, USA, UK, Romania and Cuba aptly named Wave.”


Gwyneth Paltrow joins Xpress on stage

During a whirlwind tour of Beijing, actress Gwyneth Paltrow visited Xiu nightclub at the Park Hyatt, where she joined Xpress band on stage for song. Click here to read all about it in Gwyneth’s personal blog:

or check out the video, she sang her hit from Glee:

Seven-piece live band featured on front page of The Straits Times, Singapore

Transit Band performs every night at the gig. You have to be very special to get this kind of attention from Singapore’s national newspaper, The Straits Times.



Rockin’ all over Abu Dhabi

At Jazz Bar & Dining, Hilton Abu Dhabi. Regardless of the genre, most music fans will agree there’s absolutely no substitute for the experience of hearing live music. The Band Maximum, a seven-piece is currently performing on stage. Their talent and good stage presence get the entire crowd swaying along with their songs.


The best set of legs to grace the stage

At the Zeta Bar @ Hilton KL. Sexy singer Jehan El-Dabbagh, one-seventh of the Transit show band performing at Zeta Bar KL Hilton, proudly says, “We rock! Every night’s a party for us. We don’t let people leave till they’ve had a great night.” Oh yes, Jehan’s one sassy, take-no-prisoner lady.

The soul of music

They are some of the newest residents in Abu Dhabi, coming all the way from the USA and Canada. They love good food, the beach and the small hours. They really know music and that is what they are here for. Meet Xpress, the six-member band now performing at Hilton Hotel’s Jazz Bar: Marc Veillette from Canada, base player and bandleader; Terrell King from Atlanta, vocalist; Kat Riggins from Miami, vocalist; Robin Jackson from California, vocalist; Delbert Mack of Huston, drums and; Canadian Matteo Parente, of Italian origin, guitar.

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