Georges Elchakieh

Chief Executive Officer

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Georges Elchakieh and I am the CEO of el-live Productions. I have been a professional musician for over 25 years working full time as a drummer and a front man.

I started out in Montreal where I created my first band “According To Roger” in 1986 while attending the music program at Concordia University. Montreal, being one of the most musically diverse cities in North America, gave me the ability to grow and play almost every night with musicians from all over the world.

After 10 years of working full time and no less than five nights a week, I started looking for opportunities to expand my horizon and try something totally new. I opted to get a gig abroad and what a great decision that turned out to be. Music has taken me all over the world, from places like Bangkok to Spain to Dubai to Hong Kong, just to name a few.

After my experience of traveling the world, managing and booking my own bands and meeting hundreds of musicians I came to the realization that there was a real need for a company that understood music, musicians and entertainment as well as night clubs and business owners. Oh and just for the record it’s pronounced “EL-Live” and not “ee-Live” :).


Lesley - Anne Benjamin

Recruitment Officer

As Recruitment Manager for el-live Productions, LA processes all inquiries from potential musicians and sees them through the audition process. A talented singer and performer in her own right, LA has a degree in journalism and music and has been with the company since its inception, performing on stages all across Asia since 2006. She is currently taking a break from the stage to focus on her administrative duties.


Marc Lajoie

Chief Production Officer

From Montreal's local music scene to international 5-star hotel circuit, Marc is now an integral part of el-live Productions. With a background in jazz music from Concordia University, along with 20 years of live music experience, Marc provides a unique perspective as a company executive.

From his humble beginning in the company as a musician, Marc advanced from being the musical director in the band, to bandleader, to management position. Now as the Chief Operating Officer, Marc oversees the entire company's day-to-day specifics. From recruitment, to training, to managing, Marc's inputs become an important part of el-live's success.


Julie Murphy

Creative Consultant

Julie Murphy came to Asia in 1996 as first Lead Singer for the Shades Band. She became a seasoned singer/performer/choreographer and in charge of back vocals as she traveled throughout Asia, UAE and Europe for 5 and a half years. She retired from stage a year after she married and chose to start a family. Today, she is mother to her only and is Creative Manager at the heart of el-live Productions since the inception of the company on July 14th, 2008. There's more to come...


Joseph Elchakieh

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Elchakieh has managed complex operations for 29 years, Joseph is an Engineer graduated from Carleton University, Canada. Joseph has an extensive experience in corporate development, operations, finance, sales, business development and marketing. Joseph established Westell in Canada, as President, and took the company from no revenue to a multi-million dollar company in the first year of operation and the world leader in ADSL for High Speed Internet access.

He also founded Sedona Network, as President & CEO he took the company from a concept to one of the most recognized companies in its field, at Sedona Networks he raised $40,000,000.00 in Venture Capital financing and grew the company successfully to 170 Engineers and secured Sedona’s leadership position as a supplier of equipment for Internet Protocol based services.

Joseph also worked for large companies such as Bell Canada in various management positions where he learned the discipline of Operational Management and Marketing. He also led other companies such as Comtest (as Vice President of Marketing Sales and Operation).


Gregory Lassalle

Audio Production Director

Like the carnival of his native Trinidad and Tobago, Greg uses the world as his canvas. Without cultural barriers he blends jazz, R&B, classical, salsa and Latin sounds like a musical chef with his own Caribbean spice to concoct a world music gumbo.Greg’s musical journey began at age six and within ten years he was a multi-instrumentalist recording at Trinidad’s top reco rding studios. He later received a prestigious scholarship from Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied music arranging and composition.

Next came a blur of recording sessions and tours with big names like Lola Falana, Connie Francis, Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Phoenix Horns of Earth Wind & Fire and members of Chicago. He arranged music and performed for TV’s “Solid Gold” as well as the feature films “Savage Streets,” “Police Academy IV,” and “Back to the Beach.”

With his impressive background and “gumbo” of musical styles, Greg undoubtedly adds a special spice to Scarlip that he enthusiastically serves up night after night.


Emily Yeh

Vice President of Operations

As the logistics manager of el-live Productions, Emily is the go-to person for all contract-processing and travel arrangements. Having been with the company since its incorporation, Emily has had direct-communication with every member of the el-live family. As the company grows and expands into multiple dimensions, Emily looks forward to meet all of the new additions in the near future!

  • We are musicians just like you
  • We have literally built and produced over 100 bands over the years, only to perfect our craft, so that you may now start at the top
  • We have been touring overseas consistently for 20 years
  • We are still on stage, still playing, still loving it!
  • We are still playing in the venues in which you will be playing at
  • We are as excited today as we were the first day we started
  • We have paved the way so that you can “chill” and enjoy the ride
  • We provide opportunities that will inspire and challenge you like no other company in our field
  • We do it all while having a ball
  • We believe that great music is a life style. We love it, make it and give it all we’ve got
Contact Us

In a nutshell, we take care of everything!

We need musicians who love people, who love to perform and who can focus on the job nightly. Musicians who are consistent and True team players. Seasoned musicians who genuinely enjoy being around other musicians (daily rehearsals/nightly performances) and who can tolerate differences that may manifest themselves in various aspects of life “on and off stage” while on the road.

As an el-live Productions band member, you will travel to some of the most exotic and beautiful cities in the world. “That place on the postcard” can now become your new playground gig after gig after gig! All our gigs are signed and confirmed, so no worries, it’s a done deal.

All the nags of daily life cease to exist on this gig. Once hired, all you need to do is to show up, hit the stage and do your thing! Simply follow the clearly detailed, fail-proof guidelines that we will provide you with to ensure an evening of success through sheer excitement and music, music, music!

All of our artists are paid a very competitive salary, on a bi-weekly or monthly basis
We pay for your airline tickets to the gig and return home
We pay for your room either in the 5-star hotel where you will be performing or a nearby apartment
We pay for your food. Yes! Breakfast, lunch and dinner
We pay for your laundry, dry-cleaning and pressing
We pay for your luggage to the gig and return home
Visa and
work documents
We pay for your Visa and necessary work documents
Gig start date and duration
Each contract is between 12 to 14 months
All contracts are comprised of 6 working nights plus 1 day off. The day off is to be determined since not all hotels offer the same day off (e.g. some are on Sundays, some on Mondays)
Nightly sets
Each working night is comprised of 4 to 5, 45-minute sets. The number of sets may be subject to change depending on varying hotel policies. However, 90% of the time, you will be required to perform 4 sets per working night
Typically, there are 3 to 4 rehearsals weekly.
Style of music
The styles of music will vary very much as you are required to perform hits from various artists such as: Usher, Earth, Wind & Fire, Sade, Rihanna, Eric Clapton, Barry White, Santana, and everything in between
Size of band
We create, develop and manage all kinds of different bands, from a 7 piece to a quartet to a duo or solo
Health coverage
All artists are required to have health insurance, if you don't have insurance, we can assist you with the process