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Staying safe while on tour

Women, as a collective are stronger and more confident than ever. We need not fear traveling alone. Carpe Diem Baby! In the words of Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Armed with the right information we can begin our adventure with conviction and enthusiasm. I have compiled advice from fellow female singers currently on the road of ways to stay safe while on tour.

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Max Roach The Drummerel-life on the road

Take a stand

Experts in the study of body language believe that between 50 to 93 percent of the way we communicate with each other is nonverbal. That means things like posture, facial expressions and physical gestures are saying just as much, if not more, than the actual words you’re speaking.

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Think out of the boxel-life on the road

Pop’s corner: There is no box

One of my earliest memories of music is the wedding of one of my uncles. I was all of 4 years old, and the wedding was held at the house of my great aunt in Belmont, a district in Trinidad’s capital of Port-Of-Spain. Apart from the usual celebration of the event, there was a live band, featuring a vibraphonist that would grow to be legendary in music circles in my country.

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Georges - el-live Productionel-life on the road

Screw business, I am an artist

We've had the pleasure of working or sharing the stage with so many amazing musicians of all ages, backgrounds and different nationalities that we've become quite in-tune with many types of personalities. We've also grown to realize how musicians view the world in so many different ways, some productive and some flat out destructive.

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